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    Unusual furniture in contemporary interiors

    The more technical and technological world becomes; the stronger is the human attraction to nature. While plastic furniture was at the popularity height in the middle of the last century, today the opposite trend is occurring, and furniture wood made is becoming more and more popular. Furniture manufacturers are extending the natural material use, and are increasingly using not only solid wood, but also stumps, snags, and tree roots.

    The material advantages

    The using stump snags and tree roots main advantages one is the waste-free production. These tree parts are as valuable as solid wood. Products made from this unusual material have characteristic features.

    Naturalness and ecological compatibility. The material creates a special atmosphere in the room, saturates the air with natural aromas and healing essential oils.

    Durability, reliability and longevity. It is the tree root and the trunk root part that has the maximum strength, which is transferred to products this material made.

    Aesthetics and uniqueness. The snags and tree roots whimsical shape is not repeated even in one species, each product is an exclusive, presented in a single copy. The original raw material original form, enhanced by the wood’s texture and colour beauty, enhances the finished product style and personality.

    What to make from stump, snags and tree roots

    Root plastics, craftsmanship a special kind, uses tree roots, branches, trunks, knots, snags, stumps and root balls. These materials are used to create art real works, including bespoke pieces from selected blanks.

    Anything that can be made from tree roots and snags, stump furniture – from the exclusive furnishings and décor category. Each tree texture, the colour transitions, the root cut pattern; the snags shape and the roots curvature are unique, with no repetition. In the making furniture and décor, items process craftsmen resort to minimal surface treatments to preserve the material and shapes naturalness, to emphasize and enhance its natural beauty.

    The material is perfect for furniture in a private home: tables, chairs, stools, benches. Surprisingly beautiful pedestals are made from roots, as subfields can be solid, sawn, slab or thick glass. A stump or a root saw make a stylish table: a coffee table, a coffee table, a bedside table.

    Roots and driftwood can be used to make accessories, flower holders, picture frames and mirrors.

    Where to place the furniture

    Interior decorations and furniture made from tree roots, stumps and snags can be massive or graceful, with smooth curves. Elegant furniture is easy to fit into any interior style, bringing it originality and natural warmth. Chairs with twisted backs, tables with original pedestals tree roots made are always in the spotlight, they are a highlight of the flat or country house interior. More substantial furniture – tables, benches, stools worthy to decorate urban interiors in ethnic or eco-style. A country house with non-standard furniture becomes even more cosy and colourful. Sturdy, robust benches and tables are ideal for heated baths or in summerhouses. Comfortable and beautiful outdoor furniture on the terrace or in the garden blends in with the surroundings and creates a wonderfully harmonious, peaceful atmosphere.

    There is no need to worry about the outdoor furniture durability and longevity. Moisture resistant rocks and special material treatment protect the product from high humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations.

    Where to order unique furniture stumps made

    Such unusual furnishings are hard to come by in spacious furniture showrooms with traditional designs. Transforming an unconventional material into beautiful furniture in Ukraine are engaged in professionals, masters of furniture production. For a reasonable and reasonable price, you will receive unique furniture, which will decorate the house and fill it with good natural energy.

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