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    Bedroom is a special place in the home. The room atmosphere sets up to relax and unwind helps to restore strength. The basis of good rest are comfortable and reliable furniture, the room design as a whole. Beautiful and stylish interior, disposed to peace and quietness, create a bedroom made of wood. The natural wood aesthetics and healing energy forms a remarkably harmonious space for privacy and relaxation. Designers recommend bespoke bedroom furniture rather than mass produced models. Why? Here are the obvious advantages of bespoke furniture: it has the right dimensions, it fits perfectly into the space geometry, and the design corresponds to the customer tastes. Individual furniture items production allows you to choose the finished product level: from ordinary to premium class. The best furniture species are used in production: noble oak, decorative beech and ash. Solid wood furniture is not only reliable and durable, but also retains its beauty for decades to come. Furniture that takes into account the owners’ needs and is made to order is always exclusive, creating beauty and comfort in the home. Solid wood is unique in its textures and natural palette variety, allowing you to create bedroom designs in styles a variety. This ‘perks’ number only confirms that choosing a solid wood bedroom is the right choice.

    Solid wood bedroom furniture

    Cosiness in the bedroom directly depends on the correct arrangement. Harmonious, intelligent design creates a peaceful atmosphere, you will sleep well, and you will wake up easily and joyfully. Bedroom should be as spacious and light as possible, and solid wood furniture is ideal. The room furnishing depends on the owners’ habits and lifestyle. Bed is a basic and indispensable element, and is present in every bedroom. Bedside table, on which it is convenient to put the phone, a book, to put water and other small things. Drawers a roomy chest for bedding and linen. A good quality wardrobe is also in the bedroom, if there is no separate dressing room. For the fairer sex a dressing table in the bedroom is very important. It is good if the bedroom has a comfortable bench to sit on the dressing table in front or next to the bed. If your family likes movies and TV, you may want to add a TV cabinet. Some homes have a workstation in the bedroom, so a desk or computer table and shelves or a shelf unit could be added to the furnishings. The room can be furnished using the usual standard models or exclusive luxury furniture – in either version, natural wood is a quality material with unique properties.

    Wooden beds for bedrooms

    Bedroom arrangement starts with the bed. It can be a single bed, a double bed or a double bed. The frames have certain dimensions, corresponding to the mattresses size groups you have made. The bed is supported on various heights legs or does without them. The usual bed for adults is about 200 cm a rectangle in length. For small rooms a model with a closet, sliding drawers, where it is convenient to store bedding, is excellent. The design of the bed may be tiered or located on a podium with additional storage space, there are many options. In some cases, non-standard solutions are used to organise the bed. For example, the bed is made much longer for very tall people.

    Unusual interiors fans arrange their beds in an unconventional way: beds are round, oval or triangular. If you have chosen a specific size for your bed, you should consider that you also need an individual mattress. Luxury premium models made of solid wood, with expensive leather; with an elegant headboard and footboard look like art a work. There are the same requirements as for the budget and luxury beds: they must be comfortable, safe and spacious and ensure healthy sleep and good rest. Wooden beds are just that: comfortable, high quality, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

    Bedside tables in the bedroom

    A bedside cabinet is an important element in organizing a comfortable space in the bedroom. It accommodates everything that should be at hand: the phone, glasses, a glass of water, a book, hygiene items or a lamp. With designs a variety, it is easy to choose a nightstand to suit any interior. As well as classic solid wood units, they are also available in chipboard, plastic, metal, glass and their combinations. Installation a bedside cabinet in terms can be floor standing or wall-hung. Wooden bedside cabinets with legs have special grace and are ideal for most classic styles. Models with drawers and niches, with contrast or monochrome décor and unusual fittings look impressive.

    Modern locker units create a brutal atmosphere. Their metal frame on wheels, with shelves made of slab or solid wood, displays reliability and solidity. Wall-hung units create lightness and weightlessness a sense. Such design, as well as on castors, is particularly suitable for keeping your room tidy. Unusual and functional are original cabinet-transformers. The sliding or rotating mechanism can extend the top, and the cabinet turns into a compact table for snacking or placing a laptop. For those who like to watch films in the bedroom, you will need a TV stand. Design options are similar to bedside tables: floor or pendant, on castors or legs, there are designs that combine drawers a chest and a TV stand.

    Bedroom sideboards

    The bedroom always collects things a lot that need somewhere to store: bedding, clothes, accessories and small items large sets. The best place to store them is drawers a chest in the bedroom. You can adjust your wardrobe size according to the contents. Drawers’ large chests are ideal for neatly storing bedding, rugs and bedspreads, while a smaller version is best for cosmetics and other small items. You can use drawers a rectangular chest to furnish your room, or choose a different shape: angular, curved, and island-shaped.

    Drawers a wooden chest, combined with a mirror, is ideal for a small bedroom. In its top drawers, usually smaller, are placed cosmetics and accessories, and then the dresser successfully copes with a place functions for storing things and also serves as a dressing table. In the bedroom interior, the usual floor-standing chests of drawers or their lighter versions, the hanging ones, will look great. Luxurious interiors fans can opt for drawers luxury chests made from precious wood, with a designer configuration and stylish décor.


    In addition to the bed, the bedroom should have a place to store clothes and belongings – a comfortable, roomy wardrobe. Wardrobe is purchased for a long time; here you need a model beautiful, functional, reliable and safe at the same time. Such cabinet in the bedroom is a furniture classic. Made of solid wood, it will fit in any interior and will become a decoration. Four-wing design is suitable for a spacious room, and a single-wing model will fit snugly in a small area. For a small bedroom, you can order compact furniture, such as a corner cabinet: it is placed in the rooms’ corner and frees up space.

    The bedroom is often fitted with a built-in wardrobe, which is mounted to the wall, has a laconic shape and looks very stylish. The doors can also be hinged or sliding, which can save up to space 20%. Interesting are modern wall units, which are several sections a combination with internal space different organisation. Reading enthusiasts will love the options with a section for books. A design with space for a TV, with holes for cable outlets, will successfully replace the usual TV cabinet. Wardrobes with drawers and mezzanines can hold things lots. You just need to select suitable modules and then arrange them in your room nicely.

    Dressing tables

    Every woman dream to have a corner in the bedroom, where it is pleasant and comfortable to perform facial hygiene procedures, make-up and beautiful hair. To create such a place enough to buy a dressing table, which immediately will be filled with miraculous beauty products. A classic option: a table with a mirror mounted on the tabletop and drawers. In a spacious room in the beauty corner, you can put a luxurious trellis, a table with a large central mirror and two movable on the sides.

    In a modest sized bedroom, there is always room for a compact model with a flip-up mirror mounted on the tabletop inner surface. Classic dressing table designs have graceful shapes and refined décor. Modern dressing table designs can be in an angular model or a laconic console model form. Either way, the best material to make them is solid wood, noble and possessing healing power.


    Why a bench in the bedroom? A comfortable bench to sit on while you chat or read a book. Its surface can be used to store unnecessary things from your bed, such as bedspreads or plaids. If it has a storage space, it can be put to good use.

    The bench is small, so it is easy to move as needed to the right place: to the dressing table, window or bed. A bench for the bedroom can be with a backrest, armrests, and legs or as poufs and still be functional. Bench stand design is easy to integrate into the bedroom interior, emphasizing the chosen style or create an intentional contrast. A bench will make your bedroom more cosy, comfortable and beautiful.

    The armchair

    The bedroom look largely determines the room atmosphere and the rest quality. Therefore, the room design and the furniture choice should be taken seriously and rationally. The space style creates a beautiful and pleasant environment while comfortable and functional furnishings add comfort and cosiness. For a small bedroom, furniture a standard piece may be limited to a bed, a wardrobe and a nightstand. If the bedroom is large, there is room for drawers, dressing table and a bench a chest.

    It is important that the furnishings create a single harmonious space, calm and relaxing. Therefore, it is better to give preference to furniture a set with a thoughtful design and a perfect combination. You want the bedroom to be unique. Then you should order a bedroom set that would create a unique atmosphere in a small room, and in a spacious room. What materials should I choose? Of course, natural wood – such furniture is beyond competition for the natural colours richness and textures beauty. Solid wood furniture keeps the nature warmth, creates a peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom.

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