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We make carved solid wood furniture. Our designers will choose materials and colours for your premises.

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    The public spaces design is dominated by metal, glass and plastic, so it’s no surprise that the trend in residential interiors is reversed, striving for natural materials. The best option for your home is furniture made from solid wood, which is durable, beautiful and eco-friendly. The rich natural wood palette allows you to design in a variety of colours: from very light birch and pastel yellow or grey ash, to pinkish, reddish and brown beech. The combination of several species in a single piece expands the colour and the distinctive wood texture boundaries adds beauty and nobility. The perfect raw materials for carved furniture are oak, beech, ash, lime, walnut, alder, pine, birch and other species.

    The furniture is handcrafted, each one unique and made from both rare woods and ordinary woods. The ultimate in refinement and sophistication, carved furniture transforms furniture an ordinary piece into a work of art. It is always piecemeal, exclusive, and virtually non-repeatable. Multi-piece sets or single carved model performed in modern or historical styles, like antique: Gothic, Empire, baroque, rococo, classical, modern, ethnic, and others.

    At the carved furniture production heart are construction basic techniques and methods.

    • Relief. Due to the different heights deepened background and volumetric elements 3D-composition effect is achieved.
    • Flat-relief, with a slight difference in the carved figures background and height.
    • Contoured. Used to create outline images, symmetrical ornaments, repeating patterns.
    • Slashing. The technique allows us to create filigree openwork surfaces.
    • Overlay, achieved by imposing a through carving element on a solid background.
    • Sculptural. Represents three-dimensional figures, for example, in a bird’s head shape or the beast paw.

    Carved furniture is organic in any room interior. The perfect form constructions combination with fine filigree decoration – that is the stylish furniture secret, not burdened by the fashion pursuit for one season. It’s always a focal point in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or children’s room.

    Carved kitchen furniture

    Wooden kitchen furniture is as suitable for a small space as a spacious kitchen/dining room. The bespoke units are ideal for any room geometry and size. Carved cabinet fronts have many variations, depending on the homeowner’s preferences. Often vegetable garlands, braids, classical ornaments in the rosettes and arabesques form are used in the carved kitchens décor. Dining table with shaped legs and unusual reigns, chairs with curved legs and carved backs make the room lighter and more refined ambience. The focal point could be the usual extractor hood with its elaborately carved cabinet, or the lightly carved and lightly served table with its openwork walls.

    Living room furniture with woodcarvings

    The living room is the ideal place for carved furniture. It is usually the largest room in the house and can easily show off the rarity furniture pieces, the owners’ style preferences and wealth. The large luxury tables or compact coffee tables with sculptural legs, such as a lion’s head at the top and a predator’s paw at the bottom, look very respectable. The chosen design can be continued in the sofas, armchairs, armrests and backrests legs. The interior highlight may be the precious wood sideboard with magnificent carvings in relief. In country houses and spacious halls, it is popular to decorate the fireplace portal with a wooden carving. It is not uncommon to choose a particular historical model as a prototype when creating highly artistic furniture. The new product has a 100% resemblance to the specimen, with all elements meticulous detailed study.

    Carved bedroom furniture

    It is difficult to overestimate the bedroom role, a place for recreation. Hidden from prying eyes, it should be the house most cosy and comfortable corner. It is easy to do, just place a carved bed in the bedroom, and the atmosphere instantly becomes more sophisticated and peaceful. For rest and relaxation set the headboard and footboard smooth lines, generously decorated with carvings and trim elements. Bedding is conveniently stored in drawers a roomy chest. This furniture type, known since the Egyptian pharaohs’ time, is popular again. Made in any style, with flat-textured, contoured or applied carvings, the drawers’ chest serves as the room a decoration. The décor can be in the floral or geometric designs form, animalistic styles or mythological themes. Elegant bedside tables, console and dressing tables with curved carved legs and drawers with inlaid or tinted carvings all contribute to a serene calm and relaxing atmosphere.

    Children’s carved furniture

    Solid wood is the best material for children’s furniture: it is reliable, environmentally friendly and safe, creating a wholesome aura in the room. In the children’s furniture usual set: a wall, wardrobe, bed, table and chairs – and everywhere the carved décor is appropriate. Cots look especially elegant rocking cots for babies with carved backs and patterned walls. Themed designs are great for older babies. A young princess will be happy with a highchair with an openwork back and a cot with a headboard in a crown form. Boys will like furniture in nautical style, for example with a bed with a headboard in a sail and a chair form with a steering wheel back. The teenagers’ room can safely furnish carved furniture with geometric and floral carvings, while instilling beauty classic canons. Carved furniture made to order by sketch, so it’s easy to pick up exactly the themes that match a child interests.

    Children’s furniture has features a number that must be considered.

    • Safety. Designs should be strong, stable, have no sharp corners and protruding elements sculptural carvings typical.
    • Functionality should not be sacrificed for beauty.

    Children’s furniture should be changed often – approximately every 5 years.

    Wooden carved furniture with a great look and the wood unique properties are able to create a favourable environment in your home and are always competition out.

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