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    What is a comfortable home? Everyone has the perfect home their own idea, but there are some common criteria. It must be comfortable, safe and beautiful living space! The correctly selected furnishings interior consists basis. When made to order, they have advantages a number: it is possible to choose the material and colour schemes, execute models in a particular style, taking into account the room size and geometry. The best material in furniture production is solid wood. Different species are traditionally used for this: pine, birch, ash, alder and beech. However, the most respected and valued is the mighty oak. For more than a century, oak furniture has been a style benchmark, endowed with the species unique properties. Why is oak valued? The noble wood is exceptionally durable, ideal for both furniture solid pieces and smaller, more elegant pieces.

    The species has a unique texture with distinctive annual layers and bright radiant tufts. The solid oak textured surface is palpable both tactilely and visually. The oak wood incredible beauty is self-contained, allowing for a minimal finish. The species is characterised by colours a wide range. Light yellows, gold, greys, greens and browns create expressive textures. Very young trees have wood in very light, whitish tones, but they are not used in production. This is why the ‘white oak’ shade that many people like is the chemical bleaching result followed by oil impregnation and lacquering. In nature, the rustic colour is typical of wood that has been exposed to the sun, wind and water for a long time. In the furniture industry, in order to give the rustic effect to the solid wood, the relief is artificially increased and the scallops are tinted in darker colours. The most valuable oak is considered the dark smoky, almost black oak. Under natural conditions, the wood turns black as being submerged for a long time a result and the physical properties of the wood change considerably. Such wood is durable and comparable to metal in strength and hardness. In modern production, the “stained oak” effect is achieved by a thermal treatment or stain. The oak wood exceptional beauty combined with excellent properties (strength, hardness and durability) makes the material ideal for long-term use objects. Would you like to have exclusive furniture in your home, which will last for half a century or more? Then treat yourself to the buying oak furniture luxury – it will transform any room, infusing it with natural warmth and good elements and phytoncides.

    Solid oak tables

    Regardless of its purpose, the table is always an eye-catcher and the attention centre. At the kitchen table are daily meals, dining table, more solemn, is involved in the festive feast, a coffee version helps in the leisure organization and toilet just indispensable in the bedroom. The table almost never stands idle, and therefore it is important not to make a mistake in choosing the model. What characterises a good table? Reliability, strength, functionality and durability. Oak, the best furniture material, has it all. Magnificent tables made of solid oak are able to decorate any interior. Whether oval and rectangular tops complemented by a solid or chunky footed pedestal, such furniture fits perfectly into a chosen style and becomes a highlight. A massive dining table with a clean, simple shape is the perfect complement to the ethno and loft styles. Lighter design with smooth lines, clever carving fits to classic interiors. Desks oak made are the office worthy attribute, which emphasises the owner’s status. Always original are coffee tables with a worktop-sawn wood made. The table oak slab made is beyond compare, revealing the material inimitable natural beauty. Refinement and elegance are inherent in dressing tables, made according to the classic canons.

    Oak furniture for the kitchen

    The modern kitchen is increasingly being placed in a spacious room. A kitchen is not just for cooking, but also for dining, and that is why it is so important to create a pleasant atmosphere. The elegant and refined oak kitchen is a dream for many a kitchen owner. Oak fronts and worktops bring a sophisticated style to a space that is air full and light. Oak is a noble wood, perfect for kitchen furniture, for reasons a number:

    • it is highly durable and retains its original appearance and performance characteristics for a long time;
    • it is environmentally friendly and safe for human health;
    • the wooden surfaces structural repair and restoration is possible.

    A prerequisite for an oak kitchen is a good cooker hood, which will reliably protect the wooden panels from greasy fumes and moisture.

    Natural oak wood chairs

    Do not underestimate the chairs, stools and banquettes role in your home interior. They create a harmonious whole and complete the whole interior. If the basic furnishings are straight and simple, then the solid oak chairs geometry will replicate the chosen criteria. Other interior schemes could be used, where appropriate contrasts could be created. For example, to a laconic and restrained furniture to pick up chairs with rounded or oval backs and armrests, with carved decoration and curved lines. This is often a great effect. It is important not to overdo the contrast and to maintain a stylish atmosphere. Chairs and banquettes with textile elements help to combine upholstered furniture and the wooden surfaces of cupboards and tables into a harmonious ensemble. The homeowner’s preferences vary, from elegant Viennese chairs to brutal loft-style stools or exclusive solid wood benches. For connoisseurs of natural materials, all they need to do is to choose and buy the model they like.

    Oak units for environments all types

    A good room design will also include sideboards various types. They help to organise a comfortable living space. Hardly a living room can be complete without a television cabinet. As well as being functional, they make a nice addition to the room and combine with the cabinet. The oak unit looks very stylish in spacious living rooms with upholstered furniture. Do I need a cabinet in my kitchen? A kitchen unit would be the perfect addition to an elegant set or dining furniture group. In a roomy kitchen, you do not want to put furniture extra pieces on the units top, like a fruit plate, an antique samovar or flowers a vase. The most popular cabinet in the house is a bedside table, without which it is difficult to imagine a comfortable bedroom. It holds everything that should be at hand: favourite book, phone or lamp. Oak units are heavy, so they are always made as floor standing units.

    Solid oak cupboards

    Keeping things in the home is a very important household issue. Even if you have a dressing room, you cannot do without large cupboards for various uses. It is hard to imagine a more respectable storage option than an oak armoire. It can be freestanding, hinged or as a wardrobe, with several modules – there are no design restrictions. The only thing to consider is the room size. In addition, in a small space you can place a solid oak wall, but only in a spacious room, with plenty of light and air, it will unfold in all its glory. Thanks to its unique texture and rich colour palette, oak cabinets can be used in different interior styles: classic and ethno, loft and modern, Scandinavian and Provencal. Among the light many shades, golden, grey, brown and graphite black, it is easy to choose the colour you want. The lightest oak example shows shades an abundance: milky, cream and even pearly. Light-coloured interiors are very popular these days, and light-coloured oak would make a statement in any interior. A light palette is also in demand in classic designs. Whitewashed oak cabinets in the Provence style are exceptionally good: minimal décor, rougher surfaces and the light shabby workmanship effect all add up to a wonderful effect. If there are books a lot in the house, the owner will make sure they are well looked after. Solid oak bookcases are particularly admired. Their refined and noble appearance is best suited for home libraries storing book folios.

    Oak furniture care

    So, is solid oak furniture flawless? Of course, it is perfect! Perhaps one disadvantage can still be called – the high cost. Nevertheless, oak is very valuable because it is durable, it does not warp and it does not rot. Over the years, oak furniture looks more and more noble, respectable and aristocratic; you just need to properly care for it. A few tips on how to take it care:

    • use special damp cloths for cleaning;
    • only wipe along the fibre direction;
    • Use wood care products: pastes, sprays, waxes, polishes;
    • Vacuuming with a hoover, use the delicate nozzle;
    • protect against steam and moisture.

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