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We make exclusive tables out of solid natural wood and epoxy resin

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    Epoxy table and wood table manufacturing

    New technologies are penetrating into life every field to make it more comfortable and safer. A prime example in the furniture industry is epoxy resin tables. It turns out that epoxy is the perfect companion for wood, the classic furniture material. Wooden tables are always a favourite, and with epoxy inlays, they have been given a new light. The wood and synthetic resin tandem brings out the material’s natural beauty new facets, increases quality and extends product life.

    About the technology

    How is wood joined with epoxy resin? There are steps a number involved in a worktop production.

    1. A casting frame is made to match the future worktop geometry.
    2. Prepares the base (wood material): wood panel, slab, splices, and décor.
    3. Pouring mortar is prepared, and colouring pigments are added.
    4. Wooden elements are placed in the frame and filled with the prepared mortar.
    5. After the epoxy dries and hardens, the frame is removed.
    6. The surface is finished by sanding (removing the smallest imperfections such as leaks, sharp corners and bubbles) and polishing.
    7. The final step is the finishing (lacquering).
    8. The worktop is then connected to the support – and the table is ready.

    Of course, to get the perfect result, you need the qualified professionals work: designers and furniture makers. During the design phase, the designer decides on the type of wood, the shape and texture to match the idea. From pieces a variety, select the one that suits the client tastes and the designer idea. Only then do craftsmen get down to work. Armed with experience and knowledge, they are equipped with special equipment to help them realize an idea and create furniture an original piece.


    Wood and resin tables are versatile and beautiful. You cannot allow your imagination to run wild with these products, and each worktop design is truly unique. The composition backbone is the natural material. The worktop is based on solid wood, slices, sawn wood, whimsical cuts, weathered wood, antique cabinet fronts or antique furniture fragments.

    The ideal material for a worktop is a slab. A thick, longitudinally cut slab preserves the beauty of the wood. The cut reveals the rock from within a texture with knots and cracks, with a characteristic fibre pattern, with a rich natural palette. Thanks to the American artist Greg Klassen, a whole trend in table design has emerged the river table. The untreated edges of the solid wood are represented as banks, and between them, in a whimsical, curving channel, is epoxy resin. a river.  The opposite slabs bank-edges look very effective and realistic due to the natural contours, the surface relief and the mirror-like water surface. The river table is magnificent and concise at the same time. The table large slabs made is perfect for meeting rooms: the design will not disrupt the business environment, but will add beauty and sophistication. A river table will transform a living room atmosphere and make it more stylish. Large dining table with natural décor does not need a festive tablecloth; at such a table, family dinners will be hearty and sincere.

    You can round the worktop right corners, replace the strict form with an oval – you will get a great kitchen table, incredibly beautiful, moisture and mechanical influences not afraid.

    Even a small living room will offer space for a coffee table. A table with a large sawn worktop, with the blue lake in the centre, will make the living room cosier. Tables with a transparent surface in which fancifully shaped wooden elements float around have a striking effect. Jigsaw puzzles are used to build coffee table tops. This piece of furniture fits both classic and avant-garde interiors.

    The dressing table can be made from a sawn tree stump, add a lake and islands framed in pebbles, or put together a mosaic with lighting – there are no limits in this furniture technique. A bespoke table is impossible to replicate – it is always exclusive, superb and stylish.

    What is good about epoxy resin tables?

    • Excellent performance characteristics.
    • They can withstand considerable loads.
    • Resistant to UV radiation, retains transparency and colour.
    • Do not crack, the casting will not peel from wood.
    • Moisture-resistant and durable.
    • The coating is durable, withstands scratches, dents and chipping.
    • In the event of damage to the wood part, they can be repaired by filling.
    • Environmentally friendly materials create a healthy environment in the room.
    • They are easy to care for; to keep them clean, just wipe them down with a cloth.

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