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    Solid wood tables – a time-honoured classic

    When organising space in any room, tables are necessary – furniture that is indispensable. Even when camping, the first tasks one is to make a table out of the materials at hand. The basic requirements for the table: reliability, functionality and beauty. Our made-to-measure tables made from solid wood meet these needs. Wood is undoubtedly the best furniture material: durable and resilient, aesthetic thanks to its texture and colour palette, natural and safe, filling the house with natural aromas. Different species solid wood is used in the tables’ production, including rare and valuable.

    Table types and features

    Tables are an essential part of the interior. The table size, functionality and appearance depend on the purpose and the room style. Traditionally there are tables’ different kinds.

    Kitchen tables

    Kitchen tables whether compact or with a large tabletop, are traditionally minimalist in design. The room specifics call for wooden surfaces special treatment to protect them from moisture, dirt and longevity. A solid worktop can be used as a slab – such a table is unique and always the attention centre. There is also a wheeled dining table to help you run your meals.

    The dining table

    The dining table is furniture a very special piece and brings people together for warmth and conviviality. The table is a room jewel and comes in many styles, from aristocratic classical to ornate rococo or elegant art nouveau. The tabletop can be designed as a single piece or as a transformer.


    A desk is furniture like no other item, reflects its owner habits and occupation, and emphasises his status. Single or double drawer desks with multiple drawers can accommodate business papers, artwork and office stationery and are ideal for working. A desk can be adapted for use with a computer. The classic desk shape is rectangular.

    Coffee table

    A coffee table designed for the living room, it may have several tiers for newspapers, booklets and small items easy placement. The table stylish cut wood version can be your interior a highlight.

    Dressing tables and bedside tables

    Dressing tables and bedside tables are placed in the bedroom. Made in a particular style, they successfully complement the room interior.

    Children’s tables

    Children’s table is essential for a child as it teaches them table activities and games. A round or oval table is most suitable and safe for the child’s room.

    Entrance hall and bathroom tables

    Vanity tables for hallways and bathrooms: compact and functional, they help you organise your storage.

    Construction materials

    The wood use from popular furniture species makes it possible to make wooden tables to suit all tastes.

    The classic table base is solid oak. The noble oak imparts its best qualities to the furniture: exceptional strength and resistance to rot. The unique light-brown texture darkens over time and becomes more pronounced.

    The beech table is just as durable and beautiful. The malleability in processing and the decorative texture make beech a much sought-after material.

    The incredible textural pattern that walnut possesses turns furniture into art a work. A solid walnut table is a great eye-catcher.

    For kitchen and bathroom tables, walnut is an excellent choice because its wood does not crack or warp.

    Larch is ideal for wet rooms and country houses because it is resistant to mechanical stress and warping. A solid larch table withstands temperature fluctuations and fits perfectly into porches and terraces.

    Not only solid wood but also metal and wood a combination is possible: the metal legs or pedestal are sturdy and impressive.

    Tables in which two slabs are joined by epoxy resin, like a river between two banks, have a stunning appearance.

    Solid wood tables advantages

    Solid wood furniture is valued for its aesthetics and superior performance:

    • The table strength and durability due to the species properties;
    • The restoring the material possibility and the construction serviceability as a whole;
    • The natural raw materials and minimal chemical treatments make the furniture extremely environmentally friendly.

    Solid wood tables not only perform their functions reliably. Their good energy has a beneficial effect on their surroundings, and their natural beauty creates harmony and cosiness in the home.

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