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We make garden furniture for verandas and pergolas. We use eco-friendly materials and natural wood. You determine the design, style and colour. Our designer will help you to create your future furniture a project.


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    Making garden furniture out of wood

    The life modern rhythm surrounded by machinery all kinds, metal and plastic an abundance formed the requirement for complete rest a place – the maximum natural. For this, we go to the country houses, villas: to breathe fresh air, to immerse in peace and quiet an atmosphere. In order not to disturb the nature harmony, country properties owners are increasingly giving preference to furniture natural materials made: both indoors and outdoors. This is not surprising, since for centuries wood has demonstrated its best qualities and has no worthy competitors. Tables, chairs and armchairs made from solid wood are environmentally friendly, durable and very beautiful. With proper care, the wood reveals itself in all its glory and over time looks even nobler.

    Should I choose furniture made in a factory or by myself? The bespoke furniture advantages are obvious when compared to mass-produced items. Customer chooses the specific material for the garden furniture manufacture, voiced his wishes on the size, the product shape and colour. Such furniture is always unique, organically fits into the premises style and the site landscape design. Various sizes tables, lightweight wooden benches, and massive benches from a bar – all options are great for the street, creating an aesthetic and comfortable environment.

    Of course, there are special requirements for garden furniture:

    • durability and safety;
    • resistance to moisture;
    • UV-resistant;
    • resistance to wear and tear and long life;
    • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
    • comfort;
    • eco-friendliness;
    • beauty.

    Wooden furniture for country houses

    Summer at the cottage is probably the most popular leisure option. Communicating with nature, admiring the change of seasons – this recreation kind   is available to everyone. For a more pleasant and comfortable stay at home we offer outdoor furniture for the garden. On nice days, you can spend some time outdoors in the fresh, fragrant garden. Tables and chairs – the favourite outdoor furniture – are ideal for outside entertaining. For the youngest dacha dwellers, for babies, you must install a children’s table: low, with comfortable sturdy chairs. For the older kids, and adults too, will be useful lightweight table with benches – it is an excellent place for popular board games, which, if necessary, is not difficult to move into the refreshing shade.

    A huge, king-sized wood table will not fit in any flat, but you can afford such a luxury on the countryside! Evening meal at a big wooden table – what can be better? In such an environment, is guaranteed pleasant communication, cordial conversations, enjoying the garden charming atmosphere?

    You can create a harmonious outdoor living space with furniture sets in a similar style. What kind of material is preferred? Natural wood is the most beautiful, durable and ecological.

    Furniture for pergola

    A gazebo is an ornament of any countryside landscape, often a highlight of the garden. It is a wonderful place for relaxation, where you can take shelter from the scorching sun, rain or from prying eyes. Space lovers prefer an open arbour consisting of a support structure and a canopy. The complete opposite is a closed gazebo, with three or four walls and large windows. Gastronomic fans delights erect a barbecue gazebo on the site, with a cooker, barbecue grill and exotic tandoor. A pergola, immersed in greenery or the wild grapes crimson, can also be a full-fledged pergola.

    What can such different designs have in common? Wooden furniture, of course! Seating is necessary for a romantic pergola or a spacious pergola with a barbecue. If the interior space allows, tables with chairs and stools are added to the benches or benches. The pergola furniture is adapted to the purpose of the building and the overall design concept.

    Designer garden furniture

    The unusual design structures create a striking backdrop to the manicured lawn. An everyday table becomes unique with an unusual worktop a solid block made, a slab or several spires joined together on one plane. Purposely rugged, brutal stump stools match the table: simple, stylish and very sturdy. In the garden trees, shade organically placed beautiful chairs from the intricate forms roots, and on the green lawn – an elegant table and chairs with carved backs. Such furniture is timeless and always up-to-date.

    The material aesthetics greatly enhance a unique product expressiveness. Furniture designs retain the natural beauty of wood grain, natural palettes and sometimes even the shape of the wood. The emphasis is on the annual rings or a sawn timber cut shape, on the original slab pattern with cracks and knots, on the untreated edges with bark. The designer that they become the material an advantage so skilfully plays up even the defects of the wood.

    Designer furniture each piece is unique and the owner’s desire to keep it for longer is natural. Modern production techniques ensure that garden furniture is durable and long lasting. The service life is increased by the use of moisture-resistant wood and professional protective treatments for the materials and finished products.

    Terrace garden furniture

    A patio is often an extension of, or part of, a house. It must be built with decking and canopied, fenced or layered. The space exposed to light and fresh air is often equipped with movable furniture, which can be moved into the house if necessary. What furniture kind is appropriate here depends on the owner size and preferences. Even a small space offers space for a table and chairs, ideal for a romantic dinner under the stars. Sun worshippers and lovers of fresh breezes surely place comfortable armchairs and sun loungers on the terrace. Elegant folding chairs, comfortable rocking chairs and lightweight mobile tables are patio garden furniture a familiar feature.

    Wood, traditionally used for decking and furnishings, is the ideal material for outdoor areas. Terrace furniture in solid, folding or wicker design – in any version it blends in with the natural landscape and becomes an integral part of it. Thermal wood or usual material properly dried and treated with special toning compositions, oils and lacquers is used for its production. What species are used? Pine and cedar, larch, beech and teak are well suited for outdoor furniture. Exclusive wooden furniture is made of super hard acacia and oak.

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