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We manufacture kitchens to order in an exclusive design. We use eco-friendly materials and natural wood.


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    Natural Wood Kitchens – the benchmark for style and quality

    In modern private homes and blocks of flats, the kitchen, the home heart, is the brightest and largest space. This is where people feel at home every day and that is why it is so important to create a special atmosphere. The tone is set by the interior, which is solid and stylish. These are a kitchen made of wood hallmarks.

    Wood species a variety are used for kitchen furniture, including rare and valuable species.

    Pine has a beautiful light texture with yellow and reddish-brown streaks and knots and is the most budget-friendly material.

    Birch is light, with barely discernible streaks and is easily filigree-cut due to its softness. Karelian birch furniture is decorative thanks to patterned pattern; it is a rare and expensive material.

    Ash-wood is valued for its beautiful texture and colour variety; it may be whitish-yellow, grey, reddish or brown.

    Alder is light, soft, and perfectly workable and its beautiful texture can imitate precious species such as walnut, cherry and ebony. The beech-wood striped texture is knot-free and has a rich palette: dull yellow tones, pinks and red-browns. Oak is unique not only because of its wood properties, but also its texture because, which is unique in every piece.

    Why is bespoke furniture the best option?

    • The kitchen is designed with the customer in mind, so that it blends in perfectly with the room shape and size.
    • The kitchen becomes highly functional, with table top and built-in appliances, storage space for kitchen utensils and food, workspace and dining area all arranged smartly.
    • The kitchen furniture look corresponds to the chosen style.
    • The kitchen is either fitted with wooden fronts or made entirely of solid wood, which is a premium.
    • You can order a stained finish on the surface that preserves the natural texture, or opt for a coloured finish.

    Wood finishes types in kitchens

    Kitchen furniture is constantly exposed to moisture, temperature and saturated fumes. In order to preserve the kitchen, to prolong its life and to maintain its appearance, it is necessary to protect the exterior and interior surfaces. Impregnation and lacquering are applied to the kitchen all parts.

    Impregnation protects the material against moisture, mould and mildew. Impregnation with pigment changes the appearance of wood: inexpensive pine will look like mahogany, for example. The subsequent surface treatment secures the impregnation, and the stain protects the kitchen reliably against mechanical damage and increases resistance to wear and tear.

    Special additives in the lacquer protect the coatings against the UV rays damaging effects. The lacquer coating can be matt or glossy, colourless or tinted. Lacquered surfaces are easy to keep clean because they are resistant to damp cleaning.

    Modern kitchen styles

    Interior designers have developed different kitchen styles lots.

    • Provence. Wood furniture painted in light pastel tones, with an aged effect. The designs are simple and understated.
    • Scandinavian style. The furniture has a linear form, which makes maximum use of the available space. Monochrome, white and light grey.
    • A classic kitchen. A fusion of simplicity and luxury. This style is characterised by clean lines and classic elements a combination, glass cabinet doors and precious fittings. Gold decorative elements emphasize the aristocratic furniture in beige colours.
    • Country style. A kitchen of deliberately simple forms often made of thick solid wood. The furniture colour is natural.
    • Modern. A lot of flowing lines in furniture and décor. Cabinets’ doors are decorated with stained-glass windows; the furniture has metal fittings and elegant forms.
    • You can choose the ready design solution or embody your own project, exclusive. Allows for different styles elements an intelligent combination, wood colours and types. An exclusive design beauty is not only its external uniqueness. The kitchen design will be made to individual dimensions to then fit perfectly into the room geometry.

    Wood kitchens advantages

    • The wooden furniture quality has stood the time test, as evidenced by museum pieces.
    • Kitchens are predominantly made from hardwood.
    • The production and processing techniques retain the material beauty and improve its performance.

    A kitchen made of wood advantages:

    • Environmental friendliness, safety for human health;
    • Aesthetics;
    • Durability and strength;
    • The ability to repair, restoration;

    Ways to care

    Wooden furniture needs proper care. Here are a few tips on how to take care of it:

    • Wipe the fronts with a special wet wipe in the grain direction;
    • Using wood care products, such as creams, pastes, sprays, waxes, polishes;
    • When cleaning with a hoover, wear a delicate nozzle;
    • Do not use steam cleaning;
    • If water spills, remove it, especially at the kitchen base.

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